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Hand blown glass of wild animals, figurines

Widespread figures of wild animals made of glass blowing. The data model includes such species as the badger, elephant, elk, deer, bear, wild boar, rhinoceros, deer and other animals that are wild. Data figurines will be a wonderful gift for anyone and for any occasion. There are a huge variety, but you are sure to find the ideal and suitable to your taste figure. All the work done manually. These types of figures of a large number of different sizes and many different colors. In the house they will give you the beauty of your design in the house. Today, Russian figures of wild animals of glass are very popular. Each animal has its own character image for example a nice little Bunny or wild boar. Every man will find a suitable action figure. Also, the statuette will be a very refined and an elegant gift for any man.


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Wild boar
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