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Breeds of dog figurines

We have a very wide selection of the most beautiful dog figurines of different breeds. Such breeds of dogs as Terrier, bull Terrier, a Dachshund or Terrier pug, ordinary tykes and other figures of various breeds of dogs. We have told you only the smallest part of our collection of figurines dogs.

If you love Pets, particularly dogs, you can unusually decorate your house our statuettes, which will be an unusual decoration of the interior of your home. As you know dog is man's best friend, and always brings happiness in your home. This statuette is a very good solution for those people who are allergic to wool, but they like a dog. You can choose or enjoy a statue of a dog in a variety of poses, what you just don't want to. Also can choose what color you like and fit the interior of your room. Also, the statuette will be a very refined and an elegant gift for any man.


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Yorkshire terrier
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