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Maltsevsky glass plants of Russia

glass collection from Maltsevsky plant The large center of Russian a glass making were Maltsevsky plants. In 1760 the Moscow merchant Maltsev got permission to arrange glass plant for development "ware, mirror, carriage and a windowpane". This plant became the ancestor of the known Maltsevsky plants located in the Vladimir region. The plant in the city of Gus-Khrustalny is most known. Many legends are connected with it. The name of the city, according to one version, occurs on behalf of crystal pure small river on which geese nested, and the plant was built subsequently. On other legend, when opening plant of the master cast from crystal a figure of a goose and hung up over gate. Since then a goose - a plant logo.

In the city the museum of glass which is in the former church of St. Georgy is open. The building was built according to the project and sketches of the academician L Benoit and decorated with V.M.Vasnetsov's lists and mosaic images of work of V.A.Frolov.

In the museum unique works the gusevskikh of masters are collected, with many of which centenary legends are connected.

Maltsev art glass Masters of a dynasty of Vasilyev made many wonderful things - decanters with a cockerel inside, cups of double glass with landscapes from a moss and blades between glass layers, the "musical" vase bell consisting of seven plates located down, each of which reproduces a sound of one note of an octave.

Other dynasty - Zubanovykh - specialized on crystal polishing - "diamond drawing". Many palaces in Russia are decorated with crystal chandeliers of their work. Even in the dark suspension brackets of chandeliers shine multicolored sparks - the weakest ray of light refracts and reflected in crystal.

In Soviet time at Gusevsky plant, except crystal and ware, was made by gifts to members of the government, to foreign celebrities and astronauts. And each such unique product was carried out in several copies, one them which remained in the plant museum.

glass vase from Russian Maltsev plant colored glass Maltsev plant glass made in Maltsev plant Russia