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Revival of the Venetian glass

the Venetian glass The tragic page of history of Murano - island occupation in 1797 the French revolutionary armies and destructed in the 1806th all shops and corporations for freedom, equality and a brotherhood.

In the middle of the XIX century the Venetian glass industry is obliged by the revival to the lawyer from Vinchentsa Antonio Salviati - the hot patriot and the great businessman. With financial support of two British, great admirers of the Venetian old times, Salviati founded plant in Murano and resumed production of the magnificent glass products "imitating" great samples of the past. It was return to former glory.

Ever since interest to the Venetian glass doesn't weaken at all. In the world there are enough the collectors who are regularly filling up the meetings, including at representative European auctions. Things with Murano's author's brand not that don't get out of fashion, but only increase over the years in price. A number of circumstances does them desired for experts graceful, after all these subjects - that steadily create the holiday atmosphere.

colored Venetian glass Today, as well as many years ago, on Murano's island new factories and workshops open. And as many years ago, production of glass subjects - from ware to mirrors - is carried out in only three ways: blowing, molding and pressing. It is necessary to notice that the last two were invented only in the XIX century so old masters used the only method - blowing. This technology is applicable only to glass. The master arms with an iron tube, on a third covered with a tree (not to burn a hand) and supplied on one end a mouthpiece, and on other - a pear-shaped thickening for a glass typesetting. The end of a blow tube heated on fire is dipped into the melted glass weight which easily sticks to a tube, forming a hot lump. Quickly taking out a tube from the furnace, the master instantly starts blowing in it since the opposite end. In a glass lump the hollow space increasing as in it is formed air is blown. . For two thousand years the iron tube of the master- glass making didn't undergo serious changes.

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